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Drunken Quesadilla

So, I slacked. 3 days in and I took one off. In my defense, I have had a cold, but still, that does not excuse what happened at Happy Hour.

I have religiously been using my Loseit app. Logging every calorie that passes my lips. I have been really good about this, but anyone who has ever tried to eat healthy can tell you the first week is TORTURE!

Last night a group of us went to Happy Hour. A few old coworkers showed up, and I was starving when we arrived. Besides being obsessive about my Loseit app, I am also cheap, so I ordered some weird fried item that claimed to be chicken. And then I had a soft pretzel. And then I had a quesadilla. With guacamole and sour cream.

I left the bar uncomfortable and drunk, not from the 2, extremely weak vodka sodas, but from the massive amount of food I ate in a very short period of time. I swear I even woke up hung over.

Today is a new day, and despite my gluttony, I am down 2 lbs. Time to get back on the wagon.

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The Hills have Eyes

I have not shared my project with anyone close to me, but it’s like they already know something is going on.  This weekend I went out with my roommate and my best friend.  Heads up- I live with a dude, not just a guy, a straight-as-an-arrow, sports-watching, trash-taking-out, dude.  Back on topic here, Living with a guy is great, you never have to explain yourself, or talk about the awful blind date you went on, explain why you didn’t make it home last night, or care about any of the above… or so I thought.

Well, all of my illusions were shattered Friday night and 3 happy hour bars later when I went to visit the ladies room and left my best friend and my roomie alone at the bar.  5 minutes and a few beers later, and I find out he has been grilling my best friend about my apparent lack of a love/social life while I was gone.  Seriously, how awkward is that?

I kind of flipped out a bit, mostly because my illusions of the drama-free coed roommate situation seemed to be blasted.  He came back to the table before I could understand the exact context, but not before I could freak out.  So, I guess this whole project was well planned, because even my roommate thinks it’s time for me to get my act together.

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