Drunken Quesadilla

So, I slacked. 3 days in and I took one off. In my defense, I have had a cold, but still, that does not excuse what happened at Happy Hour.

I have religiously been using my Loseit app. Logging every calorie that passes my lips. I have been really good about this, but anyone who has ever tried to eat healthy can tell you the first week is TORTURE!

Last night a group of us went to Happy Hour. A few old coworkers showed up, and I was starving when we arrived. Besides being obsessive about my Loseit app, I am also cheap, so I ordered some weird fried item that claimed to be chicken. And then I had a soft pretzel. And then I had a quesadilla. With guacamole and sour cream.

I left the bar uncomfortable and drunk, not from the 2, extremely weak vodka sodas, but from the massive amount of food I ate in a very short period of time. I swear I even woke up hung over.

Today is a new day, and despite my gluttony, I am down 2 lbs. Time to get back on the wagon.

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